How to Prevent Clogged Drains in Autumn

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Whilst we’re always here to fix your residential or commercial drains, at MBH Plumbing and Drainage we’re also dedicated to helping customers to avoid issues that simply don’t need to occur. As the autumn weather kicks in, leaves are a major cause of clogged drains, so here are some simple tips to keep them at bay. 

Clear the garden regularly 

A very simple action that’s often overlooked, giving your garden and outdoor areas a thorough sweep will go a long way to preventing blocked drains. It’s not just the leaves either, as wet and windy weather can cause dirt to detach from between paving stones and make its way towards the drain.  

By keeping on top of the garden and using a reliable sweeping brush, you can clear away the foliage and dispose of it in the appropriate bin, which also keeps your outdoor spaces looking nice and tidy too. 

Do you have a drain guard? 

Drain guards are pretty standard but it’s amazing how many homes and businesses we visit that don’t have one. The guard sits at the top of the drain and allows water to flow through it with ease. In the process, its grated design catches larger materials such as leaves, stones, grass and other debris, which you can then remove easily using a small brush or a gloved hand. 

Check your drains often 

If you ever notice an issue with your drain, such as slow drainage, bad smells, water pooling or anything else out of the ordinary, it’s time to book a CCTV drain inspection. We’ll pop down and use our professional equipment to detect the blockage quickly and with minimal disruption, which will ensure that your outdoor area doesn’t flood with dirty and bacteria-filled water.  

Book a service 

If you’re based in the Manchester area and need a drain unblocking, repairing or would like us to help you prevent potential problems, get in touch on 07909 876918 or 0161 250 7777. Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.