Roof cleaning services

South Manchester & north Cheshire

Domestic and commercial roof cleaning

Roof cleaning service for homes, commercial and public buildings

We’re a professional and experienced roof cleaning company operating in the south Manchester and north Cheshire area.

We’re fully insured, so you can be confident knowing your property will be taken care of in the unlikely event of any issues.

How we operate:

  1. Excess moss is removed from the roof using a roof scraper
  2. The tiles are then cleaned using very low-pressure steam which removes all contaminants and revitalises the colour of your roof. Our V-Tuf machine runs at less than 35% of the pressure of a traditional pressure washer so is much kinder to your roof tiles. The steam it produces gives an excellent finish
  3. Your gutters and soffits will be cleaned of any debris accumulated during the roof cleaning process.
  4. The roof is then treated using a biocide – specifically BioClear Pro – a professional-grade biocide that is fast-acting against biological growth on external hard surfaces. BioClear Pro can be used on most surfaces and 1 coat applied with a brush or a sprayer is enough to break the reproductive cycle of microbial surface contaminants.

Why clean your roof?

Save money and hassle

Roof cleaning removes the causes of mould and other biological buildups, which can cause numerous problems:

Our Process

Our most challenging but satisfying roof clean so far

It’s the MBH way

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